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How it is done and practical information.


A brief summary of the signs and symptoms you should be aware of.


Which tests and examinations are performed in cardiological diagnosis.


Few words about the most common cardiovascular diseases.


How to actively prevent onset and development of cardiovascular diseases.

Welcome to the heart of Waterloo

We are located at the Wellington Medical Center in Waterloo at 12 Rue François Libert in Waterloo, just 16 km from Brussels.

A car park is at your disposal as well as the free communal car park 2 minutes from the center.

Who are we ?

We are a team of cardiologists with passion to provide best and state of the art healthcare for our patients. With an extensive experience in both clinical and outpatient cardiology we follow modern medicine practices to effectively diagnose and manage cardiovascular diseases.

Our medical facility provides latest available imaging equipment to perform best quality of echocardiographic examinations. Our consultations take place in a modern consultation office. During each consultation we put most focus on effective communication and take time to properly identify and explain the underlying causes of symptoms or disease. By establishing a partnership based on trust and mutual appreciation between patient and physician we ensure that the treatment process is carried out in an efficacious and consequent manner.

Working in accredited and renowned hospital facilities we provide access to all means of both in hospital and out-patient treatment and diagnostic options.

Our Medical Specialists


Flores Vivian Gabriela, MD

General, interventional and sports cardiologist.

« The consultation is a privileged moment between patient and a physician. I welcome you in a serene place and am there to hear you. I’m engaged in preventive cardiology. »


Languages spoken: French, Flemish, English, Spanish.


We provide the following tests and examinations


ECG Stress test

Transthoracic echocardiography

Arterial pressure monitoring

ECG Holter monitoring


Need a heart specialist?

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